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You Weathered the Storm What’s Next

Effective Steps After a Tornado:

Promptly Report Damages:

Contact your insurance carrier immediately to fulfill policy requirements and receive better customer service amid the surge of post-storm calls.

Document Storm-Related Expenses:

Save all receipts for expenses incurred due to the tornado, as these may be reimbursable. Keep receipts for items like roof tarps or temporary lodging.

Recognize Wind and Water Damage:

Understand that tornadoes can cause both wind and water damage. Expert handling of claims is crucial, especially in proving that water damage resulted directly from the tornado.

Protect Your Property:

Take responsibility for safeguarding your property from further damage post-storm. This may involve hiring security, demolishing unsafe components, boarding up openings, and addressing water damage or mold.

Document Damages Thoroughly:

Independently document damages through photos or videos to prove losses to your insurance company. Ensure a detailed inventory of destroyed items for comprehensive reimbursement.

Consider Extra Coverage/Endorsements:

Understand potential policy exclusions related to tornadoes, such as mold or ground flooding. Evaluate the need for additional endorsements, like code upgrade coverage, to meet building code requirements. Seek assistance from a public adjuster to comprehend policy details and maximize your financial settlement.

Navigating the aftermath of a tornado requires swift and thorough action. By adhering to these steps, policyholders can ensure a smoother claims process and better position themselves for a comprehensive and fair settlement.

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