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Why You Should Hire a Public Adjuster to Settle a Claim

If you’re a policyholder who has to go through the claim process with your home insurance company, you want to make sure you’re getting a fair settlement amount. The best way to do that is to hire a public adjuster for home insurance claim questions.

Why? Because a public insurance adjuster isn’t attached to any home insurance companies. That means they can address concerns for both you and the insurance company, to settle issues fairly.

Public adjusters may be able to get your additional living expenses, reimbursement for personal property, and more. Here’s what you need to know.

A Public Adjuster Will Handle Homeowners Insurance Disputes

A property insurance claim adjuster can help property owners address disputes on their insurance claims. Because a public claims adjuster is not the insurance company they can provide a second opinion on your home insurance claim.

Insurance policies have estimated value for the home and other covered structures, along with personal belongings. If your home has structural damage you need licensed professionals to give you an estimate. An insurance expert and home adjuster can work with you and your contractors on damaged property, to ensure proper compensation.

You Can Get an Accurate Evaluation for Your Insurance Agent

Your insurance company adjusters will address property damage and property loss, but one adjuster may not have the same opinion as another one. In general, adjusters for insurance companies will assign lower values, so the company pays out less money through the claims process.

When you hire your own adjuster they can look over the entire claim and all the supporting documentation. That helps these independent adjusters provide more detailed information for your insurance carrier. Especially with complicated claims or claim forms that require a lot of detail your own adjuster can be a great advocate for your needs.

Help Negotiate With Insurers During the Claims Process

When you make a homeowners insurance claim you need to provide all the documentation to the company representative for your homeowners policy. That can include a police report, information on further damage after the initial issue, needed repairs and costs, and much more.

To determine the time period for correcting problems such as a damaged roof, your insurance adjuster can create an itemized list of issues to go over with your insurance company. That can make the experience easier, and ensure you have the right coverage in place as the work progresses.

Choose Trusted Public Insurance Adjusters Today

Whether you need to file a claim with your insurer or you’ve already done so, experiencing property loss can be difficult. Don’t let your insurance company decide how much to pay when you have coverage that should protect you more fully.

Instead, work with an adjuster who can determine whether your homeowners claim is worth more than the insurance company is offering for repairs. You can have licensed professionals provide you with quotes, and your insurance adjuster can then work with your insurance carrier throughout the claims process.

When you file a homeowners claim with the help of a public adjuster, it can mean a better financial outcome and more peace of mind.

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