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Get the Support You Need for Your Damage Claim

Making a damage claim with your insurance company does not have to be a stressful, difficult process. If you are a property owner, and you have personal property and real estate that has been damaged, you will want to make a claim for reimbursement. Property claims related to your home should always be taken seriously. You need to work with your insurance company so you can get the compensation that is fair for your specific claim.

But sometimes an insurance company does not want to pay out on a claim for personal property or real estate repairs. If you are working with one of these damage claims, it can be very frustrating. You are dealing with property damage and trying to get it fixed, and you also have a conflict with your insurance company based on your insurance policy and what it should be covering.

You do not want to give up on your property claim, especially when you know you are owed additional living expenses, replacement for your damaged property and necessary repairs, or other settlement money. Property damage that is caused by an auto accident may also be a point of contention with your insurance company. That could be based on your collision deductible or other collision coverage details through your insurance provider.

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Natural Disaster Claims Adjuster

Understand Your Damage Claim

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Natural Disaster Claims Adjuster

Understand Your Damage Claim

As an advocate for property owners who need help and support from mediators and insurance adjusters, we leave no stone unturned. We will work to identify all hidden and overlooked damages that your insurance company’s adjuster may have pushed aside. Whether you need a disaster relief insurance claims adjuster or you are battling your insurance company over a denied claim, we are here to help make things easier.

Many people are intimidated by insurance companies, and we work to make sure these companies pay their policyholders what is fair. If you have an insurance claim, you deserve to know what is fair and just for your property damage compensation.

Our consultants have the skills and the tools needed to provide an accurate assessment, so you can have additional support as you work with your insurance company on resolving your claim. With our property loss consulting services, we can help you figure out how and by how much you are exposed to losses after a natural disaster hits your home. If your disaster insurance adjuster is not helping settle your claim, you may be considering a law firm.

But you do not need an attorney-client relationship in most cases. Instead, you need to show the insurance company that you have a qualified public adjuster on the case, and that you are willing to pursue your property claim to ensure it is handled fairly. The claim process should be straightforward and simple, but a public adjuster who works for a consultant may provide a far different outlook than the adjusters used by insurance companies.

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Benefits to Maximize Your Insurance Claim

Some property damages are hidden and can be very easy to miss, especially if the property is being inspected without the right skills and equipment. We are here to help reduce the chances of overlooking damage to your property. Public adjusters that do not work for insurance companies can help avoid problems and overlooked issues while handling your claim within a time limit that is easy to handle.

Detailed and Comprehensive on-site Inspection

When you get settlement offers that do not feel like they are in your best interest, one of the ways to address that is to get a detailed inspection from a neutral public adjuster. That can help you process your claim, and work with the insurance company for fair compensation.

Trained and Qualified Public Adjusters

A trained public adjuster will be able to give you cost and liability information about your property damage concerns and provide details to your insurance company. That can make the settlement process less time-consuming, so you can repair or replace damaged items faster.

Use the Latest Tools and Technology

We offer the latest in tools and technology to help you with your covered claim issues. Once your standard deductible is covered you should have help with the additional cost of repairing or replacing items. Your insurance company will determine liability, and pay out based on it.

Maximized Insurance Claim

Getting the most out of your claim is important. If your insurer is trying to offer far less than the cost of repairs to your property, you will want a public adjuster to help you recover more. This will make it easier for you to repair your property to its original state and pay contractors, accurate estimates are very important.

Book a Free, No Obligation Consultation Today!

When you need additional support for your property claim, we are here to help. To speak with one of our representatives, please complete the intake form. You can also call or message us. One of our representatives will be happy to discuss the facts of your case and work with you toward a successful resolution.

Seamless Filing for Your Insurance Claim

You can file your claim easily and efficiently when you work with us for the consulting and information you need. Three easy steps can have you feeling confident that your claim will be handled the right way, for a good outcome.

Book an Appointment With Us

Give us a call or send us a message, so we can get started on your claim. Our claims adjuster will estimate the damages to your property and explain the options you have. That makes it easier for you to decide what works for you, and what you would like to pursue with insurance.

Review Your Documents and Sign Them

After we are hired, we will prepare the documents needed for your claim. Then you can review them and make sure they represent the specifics of your claim and what you want to address with the insurance company. Sign them, and leave the legwork to us.

Get the Best Possible Claim Experience

Our insurance adjuster will submit the claim on your behalf, and work hard to make sure it gets settled as fast as possible. While some claims can take weeks or months, having support can make it faster and easier to work your way through the claims process.

Interested in learning more about our services? Send us a message or call us at (833) 448-4668.

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FAQs About Property Claims

You can file your claim easily and efficiently when you work with us for the consulting and information you need. Three easy steps can have you feeling confident that your claim will be handled the right way, for a good outcome.

It may sound trite, but anything that damages property can involve a property claim, provided the damaged property is part of what is covered by the insurance policy. These claims can be made for auto accident issues, natural disasters, and man-made issues at a person’s home or in other locations.

If you work with a public adjuster you can get needed, trusted support to help you address any insurance company concerns. Sometimes an insurer does not want to replace a vehicle or repair a home, even though you should have enough coverage for it. Making sure the insurance company provides the benefits it has promised to you under your policy is very important.

Not all insurance companies have the same setup for claims, although these processes are very similar. There are some details that are always the same due to insurance industry regulations, and then an insurer can have their own requirements on top of industry requirements, as well. It is highly valuable to understand how claims work for your insurance company, hence the need to utilize a public adjuster.

Depending on what your particular insurance company requires or covers, you may have a claim for personal property along with real property. If your vehicle is covered, for example, that is personal property. Your home is real property, but the contents of it are personal. Many policies cover both types of property, but you will need to check your policy to be sure.

Insurance companies often try to pay out less than the policyholder feels they should receive. After reading your policy carefully, you may find that you are not getting what you believe you are owed. If that is the case, working with a public adjuster can help you file a claim that will get processed efficiently and give you the value you are owed for your damaged property.