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Insurance Claim Questions

Navigating the insurance claims process, especially if it’s your first claim, can quickly become both time-consuming and bewildering. To streamline the process and secure a comprehensive and prompt recovery, we’ve compiled a practical list of questions to pose to your insurer following a disaster:

Assigned Team

Who will serve as my primary point of contact throughout this claims process?

Which insurance adjuster has been designated for my case?

How will the adjuster keep me informed about the progress of my claim?

Will the insurer employ forensic accountants, estimators, engineers, or other professionals to accurately document my damages?

Are any of the costs associated with preparing my claim using my own experts covered by my policy?

Your Responsibilities

What documentation will the insurer require me to complete?

Are there specific time constraints I should be aware of?

Where can I find the necessary forms?

How can I compile an inventory of my belongings?

What information does the insurance company need for each item?

Is there a preferred approach for adequately documenting the loss through photography?

What should I do if everything is destroyed and cannot be identified?

Who determines which items should be cleaned, and do I have a say in the matter?

Is it advisable to begin the cleanup while waiting for the insurance adjuster or to hire my own cleaning/restoration team?

Can I commence repairs or replacements on my own?

Insurance Coverages and Exclusions

Does my insurance policy definitively cover the type of disaster I’ve encountered?

What property damages are not covered by my insurance policy?

What are the limits on my policy?

What is my deductible, and how is it applied?

Is my policy an Actual Cash Value policy or a Replacement Cost Value policy, and how do these valuation methods apply to my claim?

Settlement and Funds

Am I eligible for an advance from the insurance company?

What is the process for determining the amount of my settlement?

How and when will I receive my settlement funds?

What should I do if I believe I’m not receiving the full entitlement?

What should I do if my claim is denied?

Will I be reimbursed for Additional Living Expenses (ALE), such as temporary lodging, food costs, etc.?

What is the reimbursement process for these expenses?

By asking these questions, you can better navigate the complex terrain of insurance claims, ensuring a smoother and more efficient process in the event of a disaster.

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