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Trusted Support When Disaster Strikes

When you experience a natural or man-made disaster that affects your home, an insurance company representative will come and take a look. Then you will see what your insurance policy covers and what your insurance company pays. Unfortunately, it is common to find out that the insurance company denied all or part of your claim. We are here to help with disputed property insurance claims through a mediation process.

We can provide the support you need to work with your insurance company, so you can settle your home insurance claim and get the most from your insurance carrier. The insurance company’s offer is often lower than the amount to cover the actual property damage you experience, even if your insurance coverage is strong. A mediation conference is one of the best ways to settle the issue.

Insurance claim mediation is one of the best ways to solve the issues you are facing with your insurance company. Whether the company is claiming your policy does not cover certain aspects of the loss, they do not want to pay at all (claim denial), or they are taking far too many business days to reply, insurance mediation services give you an opportunity to reduce problems and get your claim addressed, so you can make repairs to your home.

When homeowners purchase insurance, it is with the goal of having protection and peace of mind. They want to feel like they have a trusted partner in their insurance company and that their policy will protect them from loss in the event of a claim. But all too often, claim mediation is needed to protect the interests of the homeowner and settle the claim in a satisfactory way. Hooten & Associates can help.

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Quality Home Insurance Claim Mediation

At Hooten & Associates LLC, We Look Out for You

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Quality Home Insurance Claim Mediation

At Hooten & Associates LLC, We Look Out for You

The majority of the time, the interest of the insurance company and the policyholder do not match. The insurance company wants to pay less than the homeowner hopes to get. A claim denial is possible, or the appraisal process might simply result in a lower offer than what is desirable. The insurance provider has a lot of resources that can help protect its bottom line and make sure property damage claims are handled in a way that benefits the company.

Who will look out for you during a claim dispute? The answer is Hooten & Associates. We provide mediation services that can give you an equal chance to resolve claims in ways that meet your needs. A claims adjuster will be focused on what the insurance company is receiving, but you can request mediation and work with your own appraiser to address property damage claims more easily and protect your interests.

The process of mediation does not have to be stressful. It is much easier when you have an independent adjuster take a look at the claim and see what your insurer is really agreeing to pay. If the claim is a fair one, but the insurance company does not want to pay all or part of it, having all parties attend mediation can make the difference in how the claim is handled and whether the homeowner receives proper compensation from their insurer.

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Benefits of Our Mediation Program

If you do not see eye to eye with your insurance company in terms of your settlement, your best option is to negotiate for something both parties agree on. We have mediators who can do this for you. The benefits of letting us help mediate your insurance claim can give you peace of mind and an opportunity to address claim denial or other issues with your insurance carrier. Working with a mediator is a good way to solve issues quickly, as well.

Trained Mediators Working for You

If you have property damage from an insurance claim, and your state's insurance department is not addressing concerns with your carrier, trained mediators can provide an opportunity to reach an agreement. You can even have an attorney present if you wish.

Resolve the Dispute Within Days or Weeks

While mediation is a non-binding process, a claim denial can generally be resolved faster and more easily when you work with a mediator, your insurance company, and a public insurance adjuster to address the significance of your property damage and what your policy covers.

Protect Your Best Interest

If there is mediation requested, that means you have a neutral third party to help you and your insurance company reach a fair resolution. You can sit down in the same room with your insurance company's representative and talk about your policy limits and policy benefits.

Experience support and peace of mind

Insurance mediation is one of the best ways for you as a first-party claimant to work with your insurance company representative to address claim denial or other concerns. Your home insurer has an obligation to treat you fairly, and that may include a settlement amount.

Seamless Filing for Your Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim is easy when you work with us. Through mediation and the help of an independent adjuster, you can get the help and support you are looking for to solve your insurance concerns and make needed repairs to your home.

Book an Appointment

You can get in touch with us today by calling us or sending us a message, or by completing our claim form. Our independent adjustor will estimate your damages and explain the options you have, so you can make an informed decision about your insurance claim.

Review and Sign Your Documents

After you hire us, we will get all your documents ready to go and provide all the details of the claim you are making. You can review the information in those documents and sign them, so we can start working with your insurance company right away.

Get the Best Claim Available

Our independent adjustor will file your insurance claim and make sure it gets settled as quickly as possible. That will help you make repairs on your home and move forward, so you can get back to normal life. Claims are often settled faster with mediation support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding how the claim process works can help homeowners move through an insurance claim with less frustration. This understanding also makes it easier for homeowners to work with adjusters and insurance representatives throughout the process of settling their claim to everyone’s satisfaction.

What kind of supporting documents do I need?

Anything you can provide about your insurance company and policy will be helpful, along with any quotes or information you’ve received from contractors regarding making the repairs. However, our independent adjuster will gather evidence as a neutral party, so you can get the best chance of a fair claim.

Will I need to go to court?

Generally, no. Unless the mediation process is completely unsuccessful and you decide to seek legal action, you can expect to have most of your case handled over online methods. You may also meet face-to-face with a representative from your insurance company and a mediator to look over damage reports and find a settlement agreement that works for everyone.

What does a mediator really do?

A mediator is like a neutral umpire when it comes to insurance disputes and helps the parties reach an agreement. When there are two appraisers looking at the same situation, they may not agree on the damages sustained. A mediator can help you and your insurance company look at other documentation and speed up a time-consuming process to reach a resolution.

Why would I need a mediator when I have an insurance policy?

Your insurance policy spells out the benefits you can receive, but disputes still happen frequently. That’s because insurance companies typically pay as little as they legally can. They are in the business of making money, and they want to protect their own interests. Before you hire an attorney, you want to consider working with mediation to solve the issue. The cost is generally much lower, and all parties to the issue can work together for the best outcome.

How do insurance companies decide what to pay on a claim?

Insurance companies have adjusters that work for them, and those adjusters will estimate how much it will cost to repair the damages seen in a claim. The adjusters are trained to estimate value and repair costs. If the adjuster and the homeowner do not agree on the amount of the claim, though, it can result in problems that mediation may be able to help correct.