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Know Your Property’s Worth

Know Your Property’s Worth

When you need a fair and accurate appraisal, Hooten & Associates are here to support you. Home damage insurance claims can be tough to deal with, especially when you’re handling the emotional ordeal of seeing damage to your living space. We’re on your side, ready to perform a fair appraisal with respect to your home.

Our experts are trained to see not only what damage exists to your home during a home damage appraisal, but also what further damage will occur in the future should the damage go unmitigated. Common examples include the development of toxic mold due to water damage and leaks or the presence of insects, rodents, and other unwanted pests after physical damage has occurred to your structure.

As all insurance policies can be different, our appraisers will work with your insurance company for your best possible outcome. Our company will look at whether a public adjuster needs to be involved, examine your appraisal clause, work with public insurance adjusters, determine monetary amount of damage, and ensure you are happy with the service provided.

Why Hire a Home Damage Appraiser?

Why Hire a Home Damage Appraiser?

After major damage to your home, it’s in your best interest to engage a home damage appraiser to provide an insurance claim appraisal and advise you on the value of your home and the extent of the damage. Often, the insurance company will limit the claim amount, which may be below market value for the repair. This leaves you to cover the remainder of the home damage repair expenses.

To avoid being stuck with the cost of restoring your home to its former functionality, a home damage appraiser can provide a detailed appraisal.

Is a Home Damage Appraiser the Same as an Insurance Adjuster or Appraiser? A Look at Services Provided

Your insurance will appoint someone to appraise damage to any of your damaged or destroyed property. This often requires an insurance adjuster or appraiser, which they will send to you to complete the assessment. This person works for the insurance company (not necessarily in your interests), which is why we recommend an independent appraiser.

If you connect with us for insurance appraisal, we work for you — not the insurance company. It’s in your best interest to get enough money from your insurance claim to cover your repair. While customer service is a priority for most insurance companies, they are still for-profit. While you’re not out to scam the insurance company, they also have to beware of consumers who occasionally do operate with bad intent. That’s why it’s important for both the insurance company and the homeowner to have individual appraisals.

We recommend you engage us to do a home damage inspection prior to the arrival of the insurance adjuster, if possible. Our agents will document the damage. We are also open to communicating with public adjusters, insurance adjusters, and insurance claims representatives. We understand how difficult it can be to deal with so much communication during a crisis, and our licensed professionals are here to provide you with insurance appraisal process support.

What Should You Do While Waiting for a Home Damage Appraisal?

After you’ve called us and reported the issue to your insurance company, you’ll have a minimal amount of time to document the damage yourself. It can help everyone to understand what the damage looks like and how it was caused immediately after. For example, if a tree fell on your home and you need a property insurance claim appraisal for that reason, take a photo of it immediately, so we can have evidence as to how it fell on the house.

When you have major damage such as this, it’s also tempting to call someone to remove the fallen tree first. However, your first move should be to get your family and pets to safety. Call the utility company regarding downed wires. Notify the township. Following these moves, you should call your insurance company to report the claim, document it, and then call us to get a home damage appraiser out to you as soon as possible.

What Should You Do While Waiting for a Home Damage Appraisal?

Always Consider Safety First, but Document and Report as Soon as You Can. Generally, You Should:

Take Photos

Document the damage and the scene.

Avoid Moving Items or Cleaning Up

This is because doing so could be a safety hazard or may create further damage. Speak with your insurance company first.

Only Move Your Vehicle if It is Safe to Do So

Only move your vehicle if it is safe to do so, and be aware that vehicle damage may fall under a different policy (auto insurance). This may mean working with an entirely different insurance company should your vehicle be damaged.

If There was Theft, Vandalism, or Damage, Call the Police

You should report this to the authorities for procedure and safety. Document your interactions with the police as your insurance company may ask for it, and it may help your claims case move along more smoothly in the event of such an act. It may be helpful for us to review this information as well. The police report could detail a few more aspects of the damage that are crucial to an insurance claim appraisal.

Get Your Documentation Together

Have all of your insurance information ready to go. You'll need this when you talk to them and review your policy, but we will also need you to present this information to us so we can keep your best interests in mind, and ensure we appraise everything the insurance policy covers.

When Should You Get a Home Appraisal?

When Should You Get a Home Appraisal?

There are ideal times to get a home appraisal: before you purchase the home (so you know whether to expect any damage or repair costs, or insist the sellers fix the damage prior to the sale), after any major improvements that increase the value and safety of the home, and every 5-10 years to ensure appraisals help you hit current market value. You should also get an insurance appraisal prior to listing your home on the market should you decide to sell.

The second-best time to get an independent home appraisal is after your home is damaged. We can perform appraisals following events such as: natural weather phenomena, such as hurricanes or forest fires; acts of vandalism; property damage by rental tenants; house fires; and more. Having a home damage appraiser on your side increases the chances of a payout that matches the cost of damages.

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Hooten & Associates has the expertise required to ensure you get an accurate home appraisal. We come to your home and provide a respectful inspection as part of the job. We are sensitive to your needs, especially following damage to your home. Our appraisers are on your side and we work tirelessly to understand the needs of our clients and assist them. We are quick to respond and we provide free consultations so you can get started immediately.

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We handle home damage insurance appraisals in the following states: California, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Washington, and Louisiana. We are happy to explain the process to you.

15 Years Experience

We've been in the business long enough to make the appraisal and claims an efficient process, and as sympathetic, professional, and comfortable for homeowners as possible. We are upfront about our fees.

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If you are insured, we take your case, and you do not get reimbursement for your property damage after our property damage appraisers inspect your property, you do not owe us a fee. You don't pay if we don't contribute to the results you need with your insurer.

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