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Every year, the insurance industry invests over a billion dollars in convincing you that they are your allies, your neighbors, and the ones you can rely on in times of crisis. However, year after year, the courts are inundated with cases where homeowners are taken advantage of as insurance companies reduce claim payouts to boost their corporate profits.

Not every insurance company will undervalue your settlement offer, but it’s essential to understand that even the most amicable insurance representatives have a specific job to do. Part of that job is to maximize corporate profits by minimizing losses, which can sometimes conflict with your best interests.

To demonstrate your ability to navigate the property insurance claim process effectively, you’ll need to take specific steps that signal to your insurance company and claims adjuster that you won’t be taken advantage of. Here’s what you should do:

Understand Your Policy: Familiarize yourself with the details of your insurance policy, both what it covers and what it doesn’t.

Follow the Claim Process: Adhere to the claims process outlined in your policy, ensuring that you meet all contractual obligations and deadlines.

Know the Interpretations: Recognize which parts of your policy might be open to interpretation.

Develop a Claim Strategy: Create a strategy for your claim based on a reasonable understanding of your coverages, endorsements, exclusions, and policy limits.


Document Thoroughly: Keep meticulous records of everything related to your claim, including correspondence, damages, and expenses.

Present Your Case: Clearly communicate your position and provide all the necessary documentation to your insurance claims adjuster.

Negotiate Fairly: Be prepared to negotiate for the settlement that you believe is fair and that meets your needs and entitlements.

Navigating the claims process successfully can be complex. If you ever find yourself feeling stuck or uncertain, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from an experienced Public Adjuster like Hooten and Associates. We’re here to ensure you receive the fair treatment you deserve. We Give a Hoot.

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