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Speed Up Your Insurance Claim

If you’ve experienced damage to your home, you know that your home repairs are a priority and a race against the elements. The more you let a damaged roof, window, wall, or other property feature sit without improvement, the greater the potential for damage and cost.

Speeding up your insurance claim mitigates these extra costs — and to do that, you should engage a home insurance damage estimator to ensure a smoother process. During this difficult time, we are here to ensure you get what you need for you claim to go through so you can get started on repairs immediately. From storm damage to vandalism to fire and flood, we have you covered.

What Does a Home Damage Estimator Do?

A home damage estimator inspects property damage and estimates costs for repair. These costs include labor, the price of the replacement parts, construction costs, the current cost of materials, and what items or features must specifically face repair.

With so many components of an estimate in play, it’s no wonder multiple estimators may end up with different amounts. Plus, your insurance company (the provider of your homeowners’ insurance) has its own home damage estimator working in their interests. You deserve an estimator on your site to ensure you get a fair and accurate estimate. If you don’t, you could end up paying more for the cost of repairs than your property damage claim will pay out.

What Does a Home Damage Estimator Do?

Natural Disaster Home Damage Estimators

Are you recovering from a natural disaster? As climate change increases the likelihood of property damage, we’re here to support you. Using a cost database and years of expertise, our estimators and insurance adjusters find costs that many insurance companies miss.

Fire Damage Specialists

Fire damage is a real concern for residents of California and the other states we cover. Our experts are experienced at evaluating fire damage. The right home damage estimator will have fire damage experience — something the estimator at your home insurance company might not have. 

Our estimators will consider what type of housing materials your house had prior to the damage, and may be able to justify fire-resistant materials for your home repairs.

Hurricane Damage Specialists

Based in Florida, we understand the needs of homeowners affected by seasonal hurricanes and the associated damage these natural disasters can cause. From hurricane shelters to back-up generators, Florida residents have unique needs, concerns, and expenses in home repair costs. Our home insurance damage estimator will consider things like pool screens, lawn damage, roof damage, and the cost of truly expensive landscaping features and glass types.

Mold Damage

Mold damage is a sneaky infiltrator, and one of the top reasons people have to re-open insurance claims (we can help you with that from an estimating angle). Usually the result of water appearing in unwanted spaces, mold can ruin objects and items and cause major medical problems for your family.

Mold can induce or worsen asthma and make residents, especially children and the elderly, very sick. No family should have to live with mold. Our property damage estimator will do a thorough inspection to seek out likely mold habitats, and will recommend preventative measures to remediate future mold growth. 

Following storm damage, one of the most important things you can do to protect the health of your family is to ensure a proper inspection covers the possibility of mold. Mold can show up years later as the result of storm damage if not properly dealt with, so make sure to deal with it ASAP.

Flood Damage

Flood damage is brutal. As you’re focused on getting to higher ground, rising water can infiltrate your home and ruin electronics, walls, rugs, carpets, and even kitchen appliances. Anything in or on you yard may be lost. You may even have damage to your pool pumps — and forget about the survival of any landscaping features, flowers, or stone paving.

Flood damage is one of the more emotional types of property damage for a family to face. That’s why you need a home damage estimator experienced in dealing with flood damage — so you can get your insurance claim filed and settled quickly, get your home repairs underway, and get back to living life as you want in your home.

Tornado Damage

While you’re focused on keeping your family safe in a protected area of your home such as a Florida closet, basement, or bathroom, tornado damage can ruin the interior and exterior of your home. Leaving it exposed to the elements, tornadoes typically wreak havoc on roofs, walls, and even asphalt, bringing with it an excessive amount of water damage that you should not underestimate. 

Make sure you get the right property damage estimator on your side today to ensure your inspection includes all areas of possible water damage that could could you more money down the road.

Hail Damage

Many homeowners and home insurance companies forget about the expense of hail damage. Though it more frequently damages cars, hail can cause damage to your roof, windows, pool screens, and other exterior features. If applicable, our home damage estimator will check for signs of hail damage and record it accordingly.

Roof Leak Damage

Does your insurance coverage cover roof leak damage? Roofing is one of the most expensive things to replace on a house, and it’s often the subject of misaligned estimates when it comes to property damage inspection and property damage repair. Property owners often don’t even see the extent of roofing damage at all since it’s so hard to get to.

Our estimators are experienced in safely inspecting roofing. We understand the costly nature of roof repair and how to work with your insurance company to settle a property damage insurance claim when it comes to roofing. We’ll be sure to check roofing, shutters, gutters, and other exterior features for damage — something your insurance carrier estimators might have missed.

Damage Resulting From Vandalism

Although many communities in states like Florida are gated, bad things still happen. Bad actors may damage your property when attempting theft, or they may intentionally vandalize your home. From spray paint, to garage door damage and window breakage, vandalism costs can add up.

Distraught by the idea of someone entering your home, it’s easy for you to miss some of the damages resulting from a break-in. Many property owners understandably focus on what’s stolen and irreplaceable — but the costs of broken windows, damaged appliances, and more can add up fast.

Damage Resulting From Vandalism

While the sentimental value of items you’ve lost is unmeasurable, we do have to focus on the things we can fix, and that means getting an independent estimator to inspect your home and provide an estimate for all interior and exterior damages. Even muddy shoes from a vandal could ruin a carpet or damage a floor — and we need to count every detail so you can get an accurate insurance claim following your inspection.

We will work with your insurance company to provide all the information they need, including additional damage their inspector might have missed. We will check out the type of insurance you purchased, determine whether there’s more damage than they found, and ensure accurate general contractor costs are included in your estimate.

How to Speed Up Your Insurance Claim

We understand you’re in a difficult situation. Unexpected damage to your home is distressing. Let us help you get a quick insurance claim — we are here to do the heavy lifting. While you’re struggling with the difficulties associated with property damage, we can help:

  • Maximize settlement amount
  • Increase your chances of approval
  • Speed up your insurance claim settlement

We will communicate with your insurance company, provide the detailed, necessary paperwork, and ensure you’re kept informed about the status of the estimate the entire way. Give us a call to work with one of our specialists.

How to Speed Up Your Insurance Claim

Experienced estimators

Our home damage estimators have years of experience and will arrive in a timely manner. Get the right estimator on the job now.

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Property damage estimates should include city fees, material costs, construction insurance, soft costs, waste factors, contractor overhead, building materials, and more. Your home insurance adjuster may have missed these costs. Call us for a free consultation.

We Listen

We'll ask you about how the damage occurred, what your insurance company has told you, and what information your insurer has provided. Have your homeowners' insurance handy and give us a call today.

Second opinion

Always get a second opinion when it comes to property damage. We can help determine the true cost and actual cash value of property damage repair and advise on whether major renovations are required for your property damage claim.

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