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Claims Adjuster vs Public Adjuster

When you need to file a home insurance claim, it involves an adjuster assessing the damage and estimating repair costs. If an agreement isn’t reached, homeowners often hire a public adjuster. So, what sets them apart?

An insurance adjuster is employed by the insurance company and represents their interests. They assess damage, evaluate claims, and estimate repair costs to protect the company’s financial interests. In contrast, a public adjuster is hired and paid by the homeowner, advocating for their interests.

Both adjuster types perform similar tasks, like assessing damage and preparing repair estimates. The key difference is who engages them.

Insurance Adjuster:
Sent by the insurance company, they typically possess knowledge of construction and home repair, crucial for accurate damage assessment. However, their ultimate goal is to protect the insurance company’s bottom line.

Public Adjuster:
Retained and compensated by homeowners, they’re often chosen for large claims and coverage concerns. Early engagement can be advantageous, as they represent your interests throughout the claim process.

In summary, an insurance adjuster serves the insurance company’s interests, while a public adjuster works exclusively for you. The choice depends on your specific needs and claim complexity.


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