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You Weathered the Storm What’s Next


Effective Steps After a Tornado: Promptly Report Damages: Contact your insurance carrier immediately to fulfill policy requirements and receive better customer service amid the surge of post-storm calls. Document Storm-Related Expenses: Save all receipts for expenses incurred due to the tornado, as these may be reimbursable. Keep receipts for items like roof tarps or temporary […]

Don’t Accept a Low Insurance Claim Offer

Appraisal Process

Navigating a property damage claim with your insurance company can be a daunting task, especially when faced with an unfair settlement offer. Contrary to common belief, policyholders are not bound to accept the initial settlement without question or negotiation. The Appraisal Process, also known as the Appraisal Clause or Statutory Appraisal, provides a valuable remedy […]

What You Need to Know

In the aftermath of a storm or disaster, as the policyholder, you have specific responsibilities outlined in your residential or commercial property insurance policy: Mitigate and Prevent Further Damage: Tarp roofs, prevent mold, board up openings, hire security, install fencing, etc. Comply with Time Limitations: Adhere to strict deadlines for filing claims and providing required […]

Have you had your annual Insurance Appointment?

insurance appointment

Scheduling an annual appointment with your insurance agent or broker to review your property insurance policy is a proactive step towards securing your future preparedness. This process can reveal crucial insights that enhance your ability to mitigate risks and overcome financial setbacks in the event of a disaster affecting your family or business. Identifying Coverage […]



Sinkholes are unpredictable, difficult to assess, and expensive to remediate. As they originate beneath the ground’s surface, it’s challenging to determine when and where they might emerge. While testing methods exist, they aren’t 100% accurate, leaving property owners with numerous questions and concerns. Causes Sinkholes can be either naturally occurring or human-induced. Natural sinkholes result […]

The Role of an Experienced, Licensed Public Adjuster


The Role of an Experienced, Licensed Public Adjuster: When you’re faced with the complexities of an insurance claim, especially after a disaster or damage to your property, the involvement of an experienced and licensed Public Adjuster can make a significant difference. Their expertise and in-depth knowledge of insurance policies and the inner workings of insurance […]

Hurricane Recovery

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Insurance claims resulting from a hurricane can be highly complex, presenting a significant challenge for both homeowners and business operators. As you navigate the aftermath of the initial damage, consider the following steps to facilitate a smoother disaster recovery process: Mitigate Further Damage: Take immediate action to protect your property from additional harm. It is […]

Water or Flood Damage

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Water or flood damage to your property can result in a significant and rapid deterioration of your valuable assets. In such instances, a multitude of factors come into play, shaping the outcome of your insurance claim—whether it’s accepted or denied by your insurance provider. Type of Policy Purchased: The insurance policy you’ve chosen plays a […]

3 Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster

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Thorough Documentation for Your Property Damage Claim: Documenting your property damage claim is a meticulous process, crucial for substantiating your case with your insurer. This entails creating detailed building restoration estimates, conducting comprehensive property inventories, and more. Timely and precise documentation is vital to ensure a smooth claims process and avoid underpayments, delays, or denials. […]

The Essential Role of a Public Adjuster

Public Adjuster

Major property damage, whether it occurs in your home or business, can be absolutely devastating. Managing your business, ensuring your employees’ safety and well-being, and handling the complex aftermath of property damage can feel like a full-time job. Unfortunately, you may not have the time or the expertise to fully assess the damages, navigate the […]