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Protect Your Roof

Roof Maintenance and Replacement In the United States, composite or asphalt shingles are the predominant roofing materials, with a recommended replacement cycle of 20 years, as advised by Home Depot’s Pro Referral. In contrast, durable materials like clay tiles or metal can endure for up to 50 years or the lifespan of the building. Regular […]

What You Need to Know

In the aftermath of a storm or disaster, as the policyholder, you have specific responsibilities outlined in your residential or commercial property insurance policy: Mitigate and Prevent Further Damage: Tarp roofs, prevent mold, board up openings, hire security, install fencing, etc. Comply with Time Limitations: Adhere to strict deadlines for filing claims and providing required […]

Home Fire Prevention Tips

House Fire

Home fires pose a severe and often deadly threat in the United States. Last year alone, over 330,000 home property fires occurred, encompassing one- or two-family homes, apartments, and other multifamily housing. Although these home fires represented just 25% of all fires in the U.S., they were responsible for a staggering three-quarters of civilian fire-related […]

Insurance Claim Questions

claom questions

Navigating the insurance claims process, especially if it’s your first claim, can quickly become both time-consuming and bewildering. To streamline the process and secure a comprehensive and prompt recovery, we’ve compiled a practical list of questions to pose to your insurer following a disaster: Assigned Team Who will serve as my primary point of contact […]