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need to knowIn the aftermath of a storm or disaster, as the policyholder, you have specific responsibilities outlined in your residential or commercial property insurance policy:

Mitigate and Prevent Further Damage:

Tarp roofs, prevent mold, board up openings, hire security, install fencing, etc.

Comply with Time Limitations:

Adhere to strict deadlines for filing claims and providing required documentation.

Detail All Aspects of the Claim:

Thoroughly document damages to ensure proper reimbursement.

Track Extra Expenses:

Save receipts for additional costs incurred due to the disaster.

Document Damage:

Take videos and photographs to provide visual evidence.

Understand the Claims Process:

Recognize that it is time-consuming and detail-oriented.

Analyze Policy for Coverages and Exclusions:

Understand your policy to identify potential reimbursements.

Negotiate Settlement:

Be aware that claims involve negotiation and may not be settled immediately.

Know Your Entitlements:

Understand coverage for additional living expenses or business-related costs.

Prove Your Claim:

Clearly itemize and document your losses for the insurance company.

Negotiate with Insurance Company:

Claims are negotiable, and you don’t have to accept the initial settlement offer.

Consider Professional Help:

Public adjusters can assist in maximizing your financial recovery, expediting the claim process, and securing the best possible settlement.

In navigating the insurance claims process, diligence, attention to detail, and understanding your rights as a policyholder are crucial for a successful outcome. If you need help, hire an experienced team, like Hooten and Associates. We Give a Hoot!

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