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We help homeowners get the most out of loss claims, damage claims, disaster claims, and other insurance claims.

Licensed in 8 Different States
15 years of Experience
No Recovery Means No Fee
Trusted Help for Loss Claims

Don’t leave money on the table

When a storm or any natural disaster hits your home, you would need all the help you can get. We’ll make sure that you do by maximizing your insurance claims.

End-to-End Service

Our Public Adjuster will provide assistance throughout the process. We’ll hold your hand from start to finish.

Optimized Claims

With our help, you can get top dollar from your insurance company. Our Public Adjuster will determine the best possible settlement and get it for you.

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Expert Support

We’ve been helping homeowners pick up the pieces for 15 years, and we know what needs to be done to get the best results.

Peace of Mind

Dealing with the aftermath of a disaster is stressful enough. We’re here to make your life easier and give you peace of mind.

Frustrating Claims Submission

Chances are, your insurance company is not on your side. If you do not know how they really operate, filing a claim will be an uphill battle.

Lack of Experience

If you submit a claim on your own, every step will take longer. You will be weighed down by tons of paperwork, endless phone calls, and other time-consuming activities.

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Unfavorable Settlement Terms

Most insurance companies will assess damages in their favor. Without an expert by your side, no one will be looking out for your best interest.

No Peace of Mind

Even if you manage to survive the filing process, you will always be wondering if you got the best possible settlement. It is a question that will nag you for a long time moving forward.

What we do best

Loss Consulting

Loss Consulting

With our Loss Consulting services, we can help you identify all possible exposures to losses.
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If your insurance company maintains a position that is not favorable to you, we’ve got you covered.
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We can help you determine the current value of the affected parts of your home. With our appraisal program, you won’t get shortchanged.
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Damage Estimates

Damage Estimates

Before you file your insurance claim, you must know exactly what you’re dealing with.It includes identifying all the damages and determining the total cost.
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How can we help?

Get in touch with us and take the first step towards rebuilding.

Maximize Your Insurance Claims

After you’ve sustained property damage, your world will feel turned upside down. However, you need to make sure to get the amount you need in a property claim process. Understanding your insurance coverage in a time of stress isn’t easy for property owners, and getting a fair settlement after a major storm event, house fire, or other damaging condition is simply too much for you to handle alone. We can also help you understand your insurance policy.

Our public insurance adjusters are here to help. We’re experts in helping homeowners settle their insurance claims. We handle loss claims, damage claims, disaster claims, and more.

We're Here to Make Sure Your Claims Are Resolved in a Timely Manner, We Will:

Conduct Research

Building materials, construction costs, city fees, and more vary based upon your specific location and neighborhood. We'll do the research to ensure your claim settlement covers the costs you'll need for reconstruction after disaster strikes. We'll also thoroughly evaluate the reason for any home insurance claim denied.

Assess Damaged Property

Our public adjusters will come to your home in an efficient, timely manner, and will assess the damaged property. Your public insurance adjuster will be able to answer your question about the insurance claim process.

Consider Your Additional Living Expenses

When we provide an evaluation and assessment, our team of public adjusters will consider the additional living expenses you will incur as a result of any displacement due to natural disasters and home damage.

Do Claims Handling

Handling insurance claims and understanding how your insurance policy works is our specialty. Our goal is to ensure that you get the amount you need to make adequate repairs to your home after any property damage has occurred. We are happy to handle claims for you, knowing how difficult the process can be.

Conduct Appraisals

What was the exact value of your property loss? We'll work with you to help you determine the current value of the affected areas of your home and any items you lost due to dampness or fire damage.

Perform Damage Estimates

If you work with us before you file your claim, we can help you provide an accurate estimate of damage, with an itemized list to make things fast and easy for your insurance carrier.

Mediations With Your Insurance Company

There are times your insurance's public adjusting firm doesn't agree with our property claims and estimates; sometimes the entire claim process can be difficult. We'll help you work with your insurance company to figure it all out.
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Was Your Insurance Claim Denied?

We can help you figure out why your claim was denied. We’ll work with you on the claim process, challenging the denied claim, backed up with plenty of accurate evidence and support from our home insurance claim adjuster’s inspection. We’ll do our best to get any matters relating to your claim resolved so you can repair and replace as much personal property as possible. All insurance carriers and plans are different when it comes to property loss recovery, real value, settlement amount, and handling things in a timely manner. We conduct research, handle claims, examine your insurance policy, and work in your best interest to resolve your insurance claim denial.

As Public Adjusters, We Provide Seamless Insurance Claim Filing

We’ve streamlined our process to ensure speed and accuracy when it comes to claims handling. With our insurance knowledge, we are able to handle claims on your behalf. The claims process looks like this:

Book an appointment

Call today for a free consultation. We strongly recommend you do this as soon as you experience property damage or property loss. Our public adjuster will explain your options and estimate the damage, and how we can interface with your insurance company.

Review and sign the documents

Once our assessment is complete, you'll review and sign the documents we have prepared for your insurance company.

Get the best claim

Because our estimates are accurate and thorough, you'll get the best claim possible, with as little extra expense to you as possible. Our public adjusters file the claim with the insurance company for you and ensure it's settled as soon as possible.

Interested in learning more about our services? Send us a message or call us at (833) 448-4668.

Home Insurance Claim Adjuster

Loss Consulting Services

Our loss consulting service enables you to identify all possible exposures to losses. This includes what can happen to your property if it remains exposed to water damage, or if fire damage isn’t cleared quickly enough. We have your best interest in mind and want you to get a fast, fair settlement. Our public adjusters are here to serve you and we are a professional claim service.

Most Public Adjusters Can’t Offer:

End-to-End Service

We're here for you from start to finish. Do you have a question or concern? No matter where you are in the insurance claims process, we'll listen.

Optimized Claims

Our public adjuster team will figure out the way to get you the most out of your insurance claim.

Expert Support

We have over 15 years of experience as a Florida public adjuster, so trust us to get you the best possible settlement.

Peace of Mind

Disasters such as house fires are stressful. We're here to handle the tough stuff for you and give you peace of mind along the way.
Hooten Public Adjusters Helping Clients

Your trusted representative at Hooten & Associates will be there for you throughout the entire process. You’ll always have a point of contact. We’re a dependable ally for homeowners, helping you navigate the aftermath of storms and other disasters in the best way possible. If you’re looking for help with natural disaster claims, homeowner insurance claims, and other types of insurance claims, we’re here to help. Let us handle your property damage claim. Our damage estimates can help you get the most for your settlement.

Additionally, we’re licensed to operate in 8 states. We guarantee quality service, responsive customer support, optimized settlement, and a stress-free filing process from start to finish. If you have any insurance claim issues or are looking for the right public adjuster, we’re here for you. Check out what property owners say about us and our property adjusters.

We understand insurance companies. We operate with your best interests in mind throughout the whole process; we provide great advice, point you in the right direction, and help you get the best total settlement and the right settlement for your needs. We’re prepared to handle claims now, examine your property insurance policy, and help home and business owners now. Get more money for your insurance claim by getting your free consultation with a claims adjuster today.